Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood in Lower Saxony

The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood in Lower Saxony aims to initiate and carry out research schemes, to promote dialogue among academics, to promote dialogue among academics working in interdisciplinary fields, and to facilitate network with regional institutions that specialize in early childhood education.

The centre supports leading academic research and professionalization in the fields of education, child rearing, and the supervision of children aged up to ten years. It also promotes young researchers through postgraduate study programs.

The work carried out at the Centre of Excellence is primarily focused on >>interdisciplinary research into early childhood education and development<<. This central aspect is complemented by the activities of individual research units responsible for specialist research areas and related projects.

Interdisciplinary studies are Carried out on the pedagogical aspects of early childhood, early child development, children`s social status, the organization of educational contexts and their basis in law.

This approach initially focuses attention on the important foundations for the support of early childhood education and development.

Furthermore, the Centre of Excellence has the capacity to explore the individual educational aspects more accurately and in greater depth.

Researchers at the Centre of Excellence collaborate on subject areas including sport, music, and cultural pedagogy. Their work mainly involves assessing how to strengthen the specific educational areas in the field of early childhood education, while at the same time taking into consideration how to achieve productive cooperation across such areas.

The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood in Lower Saxony promotes young researchers through the supervision of doctoral research projects, which focus on interdisciplinary education topics and development matters, in particular, with reference to the specific educational sectors of early pedagogical practical fields.




Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Lower Saxony

University of Hildesheim Foundation

Universitätsplatz 1

D - 31141 Hildesheim

Main Office:


Phone: +49 (0)5121 / 883.414

Fax: +49 (0)5121 / 883.421

Email: frueheki(at)uni-hildesheim.de


Prof. Dr. Peter Cloos


Research units and interdisciplinary spokespersons group

Arts and cultural education

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand

Email: reinwand(at)uni-hidlesheim.de

Development and diagnostics

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Claudia Mähler

Email: maehler(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Motor ability and the body

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Peter Frei,

Prof. Dr. Swen Körner

Email: peter.frei(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Email: koerner(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Early mathematics education

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Thieme

Email: bschmidt-thieme(at)imai.uni-hildesheim.de


Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Kristin Kersten

Email: kristin.kersten(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Neurobiological foundations

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Kristian Folta-Schoofs

Email: foltak(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Pedagogical interaction and professionalization

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Peter Cloos

Email: cloosp(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Legal and institutional development

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Scheiwe

Email: scheiwe(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Social transformation, diversity and care

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Meike Sophia Baader

Eamil: baader(at)uni-hildesheim.de

Socialization and organization

Spokeperson: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schröer

Email: schroeer(at)uni-hildesheim.de